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Dove Reviews Movies, DVDs and Books

The Dove Foundation publishes timely movie reviews on our website at

  • Prepares consumers by providing them with detailed content information before they purchase, rent or attend a movie.
  • Includes a synopsis of the film, a critical review, and a content description supported by an easy-to-read chart.
  • Rates the quality of Dove Family-Approved films ranging from one to five “Doves.”

Dove Distributor Resources

The Dove Foundation provides producers and distributors with important marketing tools.

  • Provides distributors with the Dove Seal as a marketing tool indicating their movie’s family-friendly or faith-friendly content.
  • Posts distributors’ titles in Dove’s searchable reviews database available at and several syndication partners’ websites reaching about 1.2 million visitors each month.
  • Assists in relationship building between producers, distributors and consumers

Dove National Consumer Opinion Poll

The Dove Foundation conducted one of the most ambitious consumer opinion polls in history, at least where the subject of entertainment preferences is concerned. We wish to thank the eight million plus families who offered their opinions on certain critical issues concerning entertainment content; by telephone and online. We are getting this valuable data into the hands of the decision-makers in Hollywood. This will let them know there are millions of people who want their entertainment diets to be more moderate and less explicit.

  Here is what the data reveals…

  • 94% believe that offensive material in TV, Movies & the Internet is on the rise.
  • 93% want to see more wholesome family entertainment made.
  • If more was made, 84% said they would make an effort to watch & support it.
  • 77% stated that 75% of today’s entertainment does not meet their expectations or reinforce the values important to them.
  • 70% said that the amount of sex, violence and profanity in films bothers them.
  • 76% think that movie ratings have gotten too lenient, and they don’t trust them. (This varies significantly from a survey by the MPAA which shows that 76% of the people they polled find the ratings somewhat to very helpful.)

Dove Film Profitability Studies

The Dove Foundation has commissioned several in-depth studies measuring the profits of movies by their MPAA rating. Studies were published in 1999, 2005 and 2012.Data was also collected to compare Dove-approved movies in all MPAA categories with those films that did not meet Dove standards. The findings showed that the average movie approved by Dove was 2.5 times more profitable than the others.

The study is available by clicking this link.